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The Tee Time of All Time Guaranteed.

We have several openings for single Golfers to join threesomes at the Old Course. Call 800.344.5257 for details.

The Old Course is a remarkable round of golf. Obviously because of the history. Certainly because of the surroundings. But when you know that even though it hasnít changed materially since 1794 Ė yet it will host its 29th Open Championship in 2015 Ė itís clear this is a golf course that stands the test of time (and technology) unlike any other in the world. The uniqueness of the experience is why we have built our company around St Andrews. Every year we provide unrivalled access to the Old Course through a longstanding contract to inventory a substantial number of guaranteed starting times. Our Clients who require careful control of their schedule are provided the flexibility to do so. Best of all however, we are uniquely able to arrange your play so that it is enjoyed by the group, as a group, for one of the greatest rounds of golf in the game.

St Andrews Old Course Guaranteed Tee Times Golf Vacations Scotland Perrygolf

Below we provide our current availability to assist you in planning your vacation. We update this information weekly or sooner if it materially changes. For real time availability, please contact a PerryGolf Golf Travel Specialist at 800.344.5257 or


Current Availability for Guaranteed Play on the Old Course
Updated March 27th 2015

2015 Availability

Week Commencing:






4 Closed R & A


11 Sold Out
20 Sold Out


18 Sold Out
27 Sold Out


25 Sold Out




1 Sold Out


8 Sold Out


6 Closed for 2015 Open Championship
15 Sold Out


13 Closed for 2015 Open Championship
20 Closed for 2015 Open Championship


20 Sold Out
29 Closed for 2015 Open Championship


27 Sold Out




3 Sold Out


10 Sold Out


7 Limited (1x2 ball only)
17 Sold Out


14 Closed R&A
24 Sold Out


21 Closed R&A
31 Sold Out


28 Closed for Dunhill Championship




5 Sold Out




12 Sold Out





How to Get a Tee Time
by Gordon Dalgleish from PerryGolf – The Blog

Prospective clients often come to us in confusion over how the Old Course at St. Andrews works as it remains the most highly sought, publicly accessible golf course in the world. During the summer season demand far outstrips available supply and as a result many of the explanations provided are less than clear.  The St Andrews Links Trust, who operates the Old Course, is the sole source of tee times which it makes available through four principal options: Direct Application, the Daily Ballot, Single Golfer Walk Up and an exclusive number of Third Parties like PerryGolf.

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How to Price the Old Course

Many golf travel companies readily provide price quotations for travel to Scotland including "guaranteed" play on the Old Course, St Andrews. The reality is they are often unable to ultimately deliver on the promise of an advance confirmed time, on the dates you wish to travel, due to their very limited access. You may only become aware of this at an inconveniently late stage in the process. Your PerryGolf Travel Expert is always available to help you understand every aspect of our proposal and those of competitors so that you can be confident you are pricing apples to apples.

St Andrews Old Course Guaranteed Tee Times Golf Vacations Scotland Perrygolf

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